Projects for the coming months include concrete work at 211 State Avenue, 3111 Lincoln Way and 3023 Lincoln Way, and our regular ongoing tree and brush trimming. We're just finishing up the kitchen/bathroom remodel at 3143 Story Street, Apt. 2, and a basement remodel at 2910 Oakland Street. We finished adding a new granite countertop and installing 6 new interior doors at 302 Colorado Circle this spring.
A rework of the roof at 310 N. Franklin is being investigated. Something simpler that improves rain runoff and sheds snow melt a bit better would be nice. Whether that's possible without major work is yet to be determined.
As always, regular maintenance and repairs occupy a big chunk of the schedule, but keeping things in good condition is a key to keeping the value of the properties where it should be.

Useful Tips and Suggestions for Tenants

Easily avoid losing part of your damage deposit by knowing how to clean your place before you leave at the end of your lease.

Does the washing machine at your place need a good cleaning? Check out this page for a pretty simple and inexpensive way to make it sparkling clean.

Toilets get clogged for any number of reasons, and according to the terms of your Lease, clearing them is your responsibility. Before breaking out the heavy tools, watch this YouTube video about clearing toilet clogs without a plunger. A little dishwashing liquid. a little time, and some hot water may be all it takes. (Note that this is for toilet clogs, not sink or tub/shower drain clogs.)

Have ants been scouting your place for a food source that the whole anthill can use? Put a stop to their exploring with this trick and maybe save some money doing it. If you're more of a visual learner, here's a YouTube video with 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of Ants.

Many of our properties have glass stove tops. Cleaning them with just any cleanser can scratch the glass, so it's important to use one designed for glass cooktops. For those into Do It Yourself methods that tend to be a bit less expensive, check out this page for an easy 3-ingredient solution to a dirty glass cooktop.

Regular cleaning of your shower eliminates the need to 'deep clean' it just before you move out. Here's how with dish soap, vinegar, and soap-dispensing brush. A somewhat more nature-friendly version can be found on this page.

A couple of great collections of cleaning tips and tricks can be found on Buzzfeed. One for Seriously Useful Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know, and another with 31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home.

Wisdom. Or something kind of like it.

Hey kids, remember the feeling you got when you cleaned your room without being asked and no one noticed? That's what adulthood's like.  @MaraWilson